Bob & Barb's Birthday Bash Page
for postings on our February celebrations (in 2010 & 2014) as each of us hits 70
Event #2: Barb's 70th Birthday Bash on Feb. 8, 2014
6-7:30 pmPotluck supper
7:30-10 pm  Music and dancing
Before the dancing we listened to the following
music (or poetry) performers. Click below to listen.

  Crystal D.
Raging Grannies   [lyrics]
Paula Pachciarz & Carl Wacker
Erin Bosch   [lyrics]
The Continental Drifters (Ruth & Rosemarie)
Metje Butler
The Beach Bums (Lynn, Dan, Dean, & Anne)
Lisa & Jim Glueck

Birthday Messages

Event #1: Bob's 70th Birthday Bash on Feb. 5, 2010

We had a fine Potluck dinner the evening of Friday, February 5, 2010 at the Prairie UU Society Meeting House in Madison, with birthday cake for all. Music was provided by Crystal D. on her pipa and by the Ethnic Connection and friends, who accompanied some lively folk dancing led by Doleta. You can listen to some of the music online via the link at right.

Photos from event #1 can be viewed via the link at right. Most of them were taken by Ian Park, our official photographer, who played that role again for event #2.