2010 Birthday Messages for Bob
From Casey Steinau, Mat-Su Valley, Alaska:
To be seventy years young is sometimes far more cheerful and hopeful than to be forty years old.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

From Mischa Park-Doob, Berkeley California:
Greetings from Berkeley to all those attending my father's 70th Birthday Dance Party Spectacular. Have a great time, but remember safety first: please do not allow my father to climb on the tables or indulge in recreational drugs.

From Warren Park, Minneapolis Minnesota:
Hey Robert, congratulations on this big landmark event. Have a great time at the birthday bash--sorry we can't be there. ...have a great party and a fun trip to Florida--say hello to Margot, Tavery and Bill!

From Judith Cowan, Trois-Rivières Quebec:
Dear Robert,
Happy Birthday!

Click to enlarge From James Park, Minneapolis:
More birthday greetings from Minneapolis, this time from your slightly younger brother, who will be reaching the same milestone in just 14 months. I guess I will never catch up.
Here's hoping all of the celebrations go well.

From KK Anderson, Madison:
Many happy returns
P.S. Hope you have a great party!

From Orange Schroeder, Madison:
I'm sure it will be a wonderful party!
All my best.

From Mary and John Frantz, Monroe:
Please give Bob our warmest birthday greetings. We hope you have a wonderful party, and look forward to seeing you both on Sunday.

From Dave and Marcia Johnson, Madison/Coloma: Click to enlarge

From Pat Watkins, Madison:
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays - and all your days to come.

From Becky Malke and John Eligenti, Madison:
Happy 70th Birthday Bob! We hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

From Rosemarie Lester, Madison:
Now that should be the spirit at 70 - calm, cool & peaceful! May the coming years be just like that. Happy Birthday!

From Doleta Chapru, Madison:
What fun! It was such a privilege to lead dancing at your party.
... Your neighbor who played the pipa was amazing - and drop dead gorgeous. My goodness those children have grown and matured.
... So, happy 70th, Bob. Seventies, as you know, are the new thirties.

From John Quinlan, Madison:
... Happy Birthday to you. Glad you could celebrate it in such style!

Mary Somers, Madison (but currently in Arizona):
Andy and I are so sorry to have missed your party. Happy 70.

From Judy Skog, Madison:
Ken & I also send best wishes for you in the years ahead. ...--sorry to have missed the party!

From Lisa and Jim Glueck, Madison:
Hope the party was lots of fun and that seventy is a good fit, Bob. I guess we'll all have our chance to try it on for size soon enough, if we're lucky.

From Ellie Perelman, Berkeley, via Mischa on FB:
I doubt he remembers me, but do tell him happy birthday from me as well. Commodore 64 class was a good time.

From Katie Weber, Mountain View CA, via Mischa on FB:
I second Ellie! That was an awesome experience. Tell him he's got former second-graders who still remember him.

From Warren Park, Minneapolis:
Hey, it's your big day. Happy 70th Birthday. Hope you're having fun in Florida and that everyone is doing well.

From Carol Schroeder, Madison:
Wishing you a very happy 70th birthday, and many happinesses in the coming decades. Orange and Dean

From Robyn Perrin, Madison:
Happy birthday, Bob! Wishing you all the best.

From Julia Waite Bonser, Tucson, AZ:

From Ingrid Laas, Madison:
"Congrats on another successful trip around the sun on spaceship Earth!" (Wish I could take credit for that rather witty greeting, but someone else actually came up with it.) None-the-less, I wish you many more!

From Robin Park-Doob, San Jose CA:
Happy Birthday Sarah Palin! Happy Birthday Tammy Baldwin! Wait, was it someone else's birthday today?
Mischa Park-Doob: Of course! Leslie Nielsen's! But I can't think of any other Canadians...

From Dan Park, Minneapolis:
Happy 70, Robert! :)

From Jackson Crawford, Madison:
Til hamingju með afmælið!

From Beth Moscato, Madison:
Happy birthday!
From Linda & Tony, Fredericton NB:
Congratulations Robert!
Wonderful photos.
Many best wishes to you and Barb from Tony and me.
From Betty Ponder, Fredericton NB:
Hay..How about that. I cant believe that you have arrived at seventy all ready. ... Congratulations and I really enjoyed your pictures, music and happy messages.
From Bonnie Blackburn, Amherstburg ON:
Congratulations on your 70th birthday Robert. It looks like you had a great birthday gift with all the family and friends. If we lived closer I would have loved to have been a part of your celebration.
From Mardi Steinau, Cape Cod MA:
Hi, Bob. Congratulations on your attainment of 70 good years. It ain't easy.
From Doug and Betty Jo, Satellite Beach FL:
Congratulations on your 70th. The only thing wrong here is that it makes me realize I am 7 more years farther down the line. Any way it is great to see you are doing so well. Keep it up.
From Kim Truog, Madison:
It's hard to think of you as seventy, but, it is what it is. Happy Belated 70th Birhtday! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the event.