2014 Birthday Messages for Barb
From Robin Park-Doob, San Jose CA:
It seems like only yesterday we were storming Normandy!
Happy 70th! Truly impressive -- Wishing you a great year full of fun and love. :)

From Casey Steinau, Big Lake, Alaska:
70 Joy! Enjoy this day and each to come. Grateful for you on every one of them.
Your Kid

From Mischa Park-Doob, San Francisco California:
70 years old! It might seem like a lot, but on the contrary: as of this year, and from now on, you'll always be *less* than twice my age! In fact, lesser and lesser by the minute. You're actually getting younger as I type this!

From Ian Park, Madison:
HAPPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! Hope you had a great time at your party.

From Layla Coleman, Madison:
Happy Birthday! What a fantastic gathering you inspired on Saturday. Happy to be a part of it and so happy to be a part of your amazing family. Aquariuses Unite!

From Warren Park, Minneapolis Minnesota:
Happy 70th birthday! A real landmark--have a great celebration!

From Catherine Melissa Park, Bath OH:
Happy birthday Barbara! Time for my annual shock that you and Patty have the same birthday.

From Dan Park, Minneapolis:
Happy Birthday, Barbara!

From Jamie Park Stenzel, Minneapolis:
Happy Birthday Barbara! I hope you have a lovely day!

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From Marcia Johnson, Madison/Coloma:
Happy Birthday, Barb! Have fun!

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From Kiran, Madison

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From Indy, Madison

From Linda Sheehy, Madison:
Do have a wonderful time! I wish I could be there. Happy, happy birthday!

From Kathy & Randy Converse, Madison:
What a year in more ways than one! Wishing you a fabulous 8th decade, filled with art.

From Ruth Calden, Madison:
Hi Barb
As my Uncle Henry would say as I started a decade
"You are coming along!"
Many thanks for all the hats you wear so gracefully at Prairie
as President
as Choir Director
coffee maker and many more. And thanks for all the rides to the Madison Symphony concerts!
Here's to you! & to many more years.
Happy 70!

From Orange Schroeder, Madison:
So glad we can help you celebrate this milestone. Here's to may more decades of good times and good music!

From Barbara & Ron Frye, Madison:
Happy 70th!

From Susan & Dirk Herr-Hoyman, Madison:
Happy Birthday!

From Anne Lundin, Madison:
O Happy Day, Lovely Lady!

From Rita Bove, Minneapolis:
Happy Birthday, Barbara!
We're looking forward to seeing you later this week.

From Kate Gann Liu, Madison:
Happy Birthday!!

From Lynn Currie Pawelski, Madison:
Happy Birthday Barb!

From Barbara Loye, Madison:
Happy Birthday Barb. sorry we missed your party, Larry had a birthday dinner for me. See you Thurs.

From Anne Reardon Urbanski, Madison:
Happy birthday, skier girl

From Antoinette Joy Coles, Madison:
Congratulations on having another trip around Sun

From Kay Frazier, Madison:
Hope you had a great birthday and have a great year!

From Alnisa Allgood, Madison:
Happy Birthday Barb! Take care of yourself and have a great day.

From Heidi Santos, Baraboo:
Hope you enjoyed your day. Happy birthday!

From Marie Martini, Madison:
Happy BDay to one of the few woman who can keep us in the same place at the same time. Have a great year.

From Maggie Dugan, Madison:
Happy happy birthday! May the new year treat you very well.

From Susan Miller, Syracuse NY:
Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Hope your Birthday is great.
LoL Susan Miller

From Carolmae Katz, Cincinnati OH:
Happy Birthday!! and many many more!!

From Tara Rollins, Madison:
Happy birthday officially!

From Jim Reilly, Minneapolis:
Happy birthday, Barb!

From Jerry Simmons, Madison:
Happy Birthday, Barb!

From Lynn Jacobson, WI:
Happy 70th you beautiful "granny"!

From Paula Benton, WI:
Happy Birthday - not sure which day it really is! I hope it's a great party. I miss celebrating with you, and hope to see you soon.

From Dianne Panozzo, IL:
Happy Birthday, Barb.

From Julia Waite Bonser, Tucson AZ:
Happy Birthday, Barbara!

From Joella Berkner, Minneapolis:
Happy Birthday! Hoping you have an amazing year.

From Debbie Soldan, IL:
Happy Birthday !!!!

From Casey Steinau, Big Lake AK:
Happy Birthday Mom. As someone who has known you her whole life I can say with certainty that you are an amazing woman. Love you

From Mischa Park-Doob, San Francisco:
Seventy big ones! Happy Birthday to my mother from another brother! :D

From Mardi Steinau, North Eastham MA:
Hey, you big beautiful sister. Go well and be happy in this new decade. I hope to see you in June. You are really quite amazing. I'm glad you and Bob had your parties. I'm glad we got related once upon a time. Very much love from me and Nancy.
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